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Reiki Blessings

It is appropriate to begin this introduction to Reiki with a prayerful invocation and blessing. In this manner, as we begin our journey along this healing path we have chosen, we set the intention that our practice of Reiki serve as a benefit to ourselves, enabling us to discover and experience our connection to the infinite heart, the infinite soul, and also in the healing of others who may benefit through our healing practice.

In This Moment
I Open Myself to Divine Presence, Love and Wisdom
Connecting to My Higher Awareness, My Higher Self
I Accept and Allow Divine Energy To Flow Freely Through Me
Divine Love is Profoundly Present in Every Moment of My Awakening
I Trust It Completely
I Expect It’s Presence
I Give Thanks For What It Teaches Me


The human “being” is a marvelous creation to behold, full of infinite potential and possibilities, and the practice of Reiki is a wonderful and thoughtful way to begin exploring, learning, discovering and understanding the fullness of being human. Every “individual” soul on this beautiful planet is capable of experiencing the “(w)holistic-self”, to regain, experience, and truly know the peace and love that resides in the human heart and spirit. Reiki is just one of many paths of self-discovery and healing that may help guide us to a deeper understanding of our infinite capacity to love, our capabilities to re-create our lives with loving intent, our ability to heal ourselves and others as we evolve and grow in our practice of Reiki.

Reiki Defined

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is a Japanese word made up of two characters: “Rei” which translates as spiritual wisdom or essence, and “Ki” (Chi in Chinese) translated as vital life force or energy. Ki is an energy that runs through everything at all times.  It is this energy that binds all living things together. Literally then, Reiki translates as spiritual or “source” energy. The two characters together express the joining together of divine energy with the human being, the unification of the human body with the universal soul.

Life itself is possible only through the movement, use and exchange of energy. Reiki energy can be understood as a force that permeates, flows through and animates all living things. Universal life-force energy facilitates life, growth, healing, transformation, manifestation, balance, inner peace, oneness and an awareness through which we can discern and recognize deeper truths about our human nature and living energy on a broader universal scale.  Reiki is a method of creating a conduit for the drawing upon this life-force energy and utilizing it to transform and heal “dis-ease” within ourselves and also radiating and channeling it outward in the healing of dis-ease in others.

Reiki Heart

Reiki healing practice begins with an awareness and consideration of the metaphorical heart. Accepting that we are a creation of the divine intent, divinely inspired so to speak, we allow the divine energy which is always present to first flow within us through the heart. It is with and through the heart that we begin to sense and feel life energy in motion, e-motion; It is through the heart we experience and come to know the love, the heart of our creator that exists within every living “being”. In realizing and manifesting this love that exists within us, we become free to pass it along.

Reiki is a simple and natural method that is utilized in the transferring and sharing of Universal life energy. In the practice of Reiki, the Reiki healer becomes a channel through which this energy flows, allowing the practitioner/healer to direct the flow of Reiki energy. In the directing of this energy to a person’s body, the healer is also simultaneously imbued with healing energy. Reiki reaches through all levels of existence and with practice, brings these differing levels into balance. Reiki has an intuitive intelligence or “way of knowing” of what is needed by a person. It is drawn naturally by the recipient to those areas most in need of balancing and healing. Reiki is an integrative adjunctive therapy which allows you to work on your own body and this is where Reiki practice begins. An adaptation from the story of the wounded healer Chiron advises: “healer, heal thyself”; Healing begins with the “self”.

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