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The pages here are dedicated to the Angels on this Earth
and Farther Along in the Infinite Heart
I AM Blessed by the many Angels in my life
This is one I hold forever closely … in my heart…

Emily I Love You Always


05/07/1978- 06/10/1998


Dearest Emily – messenger of the Goddess Earth, the Creator Sun,
For it is of the Mother we are born …. And it is to the Mother ….
and to the Father we return, when our days are done.

Christine – the Bearer of Light, …. The light of Love, …. The light of Christ …

Dearest Bright Star, Emily Christine, …. Flower of my Heart
Born of Magic, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and now gone from here to a higher place
I recall the moment of your Creation, …. Into this life, it is so clear in my mind, my Heart,
A light from Heaven, a being of Light born, in a heartbeat, the breath of my breath,
The song of my Heart, I will remember you always, all ways, ….
The Moon in your Eyes was mine, …. I miss you
I wish you well on your journey, I know you are safe
I know you are at peace, …. Resting in the Garden, … dancing in the meadow of Angels, ….
An Angel you Are …. You are free from the shadows and slumber of this Earth
We Rejoice, … and in this we are selfless, we are One,
… For you are bourne again into the Heavens Above
Those things for which you came to teach us are taught, ….
Those gifts that you brought to us are given, …. Blessed Be ….

It is so sad that in death we finally see so much Light …. The Light You Are
You Are Beautiful

It is so sad that in this grief, we come to Know our own Creation

A quote from “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran
“For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind …, And to melt into the Sun?
And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath …, from its’restless tides,
That it may rise and seek GOD unencumbered?”

A lesson taught: we are not here for ourselves alone …
although we grieve for our salvation…
For comfort in mourning …, for our Awakening into the Light We Are
We stop the world for a moment and Listen !
We Open Our Hearts, and see the Light That Is, a beacon to Guide Us Home …
The Love of Christ … Emily you are with Us Now, to Guide Us in our Healing Prayer

We are here on this Earth for the Children, Our Children, and the Children are Us
Every One
If you hear a child cry, please don’t hesitate to ask them why,
They do not cry without reason… they cry in sadness… they cry in joy ….
And when they speak, stop and listen to what they say …
For Children are the Bearers and Teachers of Truth …
Children rejoice in each moment of their being …
And they are the Bearers of Unencumbered Love
You can see it in their Eyes, they reflect the Heavens above, … As above …. So below …
You can hear it in their laughter … and to hear a child’s laughter is to hear the Voice of God
We stop the world for a moment and listen ….

Emily …. I know you are listening …. I love you …. I love you so very much …
Dearest Daughter ….
I hear your Voice that now rides the wind …. Your laughter that echoes through the trees ….
Through the Tides of Timelessness ….through the veil that holds us here asleep
I see the Bright Star that You Are …. I feel you in my Heart, my Soul forever …. And know that you are free

Goodbye, farewell for now, Peace Be, …. As it is Given, …. So shall it Be Received in Kind